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Survival Kit, Entry B: The Fantasy Kit

This is the must have  kit when you’re ready to spend some serious money on your post-apocalypse survival.  Like our previous kits, it’s composed of five items that can be carried or worn without great difficulty on a five mile hike, however, the limitation of an affordable price tag has been lifted, and survival has just been escalated from serious to serious as fuck, and fuck is pretty serious.

1.  The slot that I would normally reserve for a fixed blade knife has been blown wide open by the selection of the LWRC M6A2 automatic rifle. I opted for the east coast firearms package starting off our kit with a price tag of $3,769.00; but it’s a lot of bang for the buck (sorry).  I chose the M6A2 because it’s weatherproof, relatively light weight, comparably (to other guns in its class) easy to clean and maintain and designed for extended campaigns in hostile conditions, and the fact that it can handle those .223 and 5.56 rounds that you’re going to be scavenging in the post apocalyptic landscape. I wasn’t able to find one with a bayonet, which means that I’m still going to need a knife, but hey, free flashlight.

2. Knife. Instead of the sensible tactical survival knife in kit A, I opted for the Coldsteel Taipan. It may not be the most versatile knife in the world, but it can cut through all the meat filled gloves and soda bottles suspended by ropes that you’re no doubt going to encounter out there beyond thunderdome. It’s not coldsteel’s most expensive knife, but it’s the second cheapest choice in our kit, cutting into our budget by $450.  I love those cold steel videos.

3. Even though our rifle has an under-slung flashlight, we’re going to improve our nightlife with this MV321G dual tube night vision goggle kit, with the optional 3.2x magnification lens.  The 30 hour battery life should be sufficient to let us read at night without giving away our position. Really, I just chose this because it was $6000 and cool.  Weak link?

4. Next up, Drake, or similar. That first liink probably wont last too long, so I’ll paraphrase. Drake is a trained hunting Labrador who’s comfortable with gunfire and has no problem picking up lunch for you, provided the dead thing is within 100 yards. He’s $2,000; but if he’s not available, there’s no shortage of trained police dogs for sale.  I like Yogi.

5. So far this kit has been pretty focused on ‘take what you need by force’, and not much ‘making it in the wild’, this final selection is a desperate attempt to balance it out.  After considering a number of options; including a $6,500 expedition tent and an $1,000 military fastrope, i finally settled on the Katadyn Pocket water filter.  Coming in at around $300, it wont let you Kevin Costner your own urine, but it’s probably the most sensible choice in this kit.

Total Cost: $12,219


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