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April, thus far.

It’s not that I haven’t been writing; I just haven’t been doing it here.  Yes, ladies, I have been putting together a far more ridiculous blog called Survive Whatever.  I assure you, those of you curious enough to look at it, that while it reads like the rants of a paranoid boy scout troop leader, it will be quite funny in the future.

In other news, life has continued for another 10 days. I got a pot card, making me officially a californian. Also, I’ve invented my own form of Yoga, which I’ve been practicing.  So far there’s only one pose, which consists of reclining on a couch with your feet up on a coffee table watching documentaries on netflix.  I’ve nearly mastered it.  I saw a chiropractor, he doesn’t think the yoga is helping; but I have it on good authority that yoga is magical and chiropractors are lame.

I am a card carrying californian now, having gotten my prescription for medical marijuana; however, it turns out I’m not really big on smoking pot; so that was kind of a waste of money.

I loved super and I recommend everyone go see it immediately; also, no piracy, damn it, we need to support filmmaking like this.

Super Trailer

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