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The plural of roof is roofs or rooves, but spellcheck hates rooves.

Spellcheck is a modern deity.  One of the less impressive of computer gods, the Hermes of the digital pantheon, or the prometheus; prodding mankind in the right direction without direct intervention. At the altar of Spellcheck, the corpses of slaughtered essays and articles are bundled tightly in old save files and forgotten backups, each deleted word it’s own puff of ambrosia scented smoke.

She can be cruel, denying your own name recognition; unfamiliar words, though well spelled, are bloodied by her jagged slash. Spellcheck is a xenophobe, welcoming only to those foreign words accompanied by a personal introduction, a clicked prayer, the hymn of addition; and each of her other incarnations, her multitudinous earthly avatars, will swiftly challenge and re-challenge  any suspicious parcel brought into their temples.

The grand matron of spellcheck, the omniscient voyeur, surveys the  vastness of cyberspace, peering in on every wanderer in that telestial expanse.  There is no stroke that escapes her, every fumbled key draws her argus-eyed gaze. Her indelicate suggestions, tiny embarrassments that rain down unbidden, passive agressive mana.  Her throne is perched atop a mountain of search engines where she condescends, helpfully, smugly: “Did you mean this? I’ll show results for the correct spelling of the word you just mangled. You couldn’t have possibly meant what you typed.”


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