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This one was supposed to go up a while ago.

Why has no one told me about this place?
Seriously NY, not cool.
It may be a little gimmicky but fuck, the Juicy Lucy burger is one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten in my life, and I’m a fat guy.

The beef is a blend of short-rib and sirloin, i think, and the  patty itself is stuffed with lava-hot pimento cheese.  It’s cooked perfectly, which is impressive considering it comes out so fucking hot that it melts through the table and burns down through the earth’s crust, melding with the mantle, and magma, and morlocks, and anything else thats down there.

It’s not a ‘pure burger’ as weirdo burger purists might point out on the internet, but I hate people like that. They’re the same people that will only listen to music on victrola and claim that digital cameras are somehow inferior to daguerreotype. Sometimes the movie is better than the book. Some pop songs are good. Some cheeseburgers put the cheese inside the meat. Eat it, it’s delicious.

Also delicious, shrimp remoulade. Not at whitman’s, I don’t think they have it. But i’m in Louisiana right now, not NYC.


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