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Civic Pride.

I’m  not listening to modest mouse right now, but if I were, It’d be “Black Cadillacs”.

I was thinking about a trip, going somewhere that I didn’t immediately have to start looking for potential reality stars.  Ideally, someplace where no one has ever heard of Jersey Shore.  Jesus, 8.8 million viewers.  I didn’t watch, not even to see if my name was still in the credits.  Is it… I’m sure one of you watched it.

So the other night, Mike and I were recruiting at City Bar in Lafayette, when this band took the stage – Royal Teeth.  They were children. Fucking 12 year olds or something; no actually they were probably all in their early 20s, not the point… they played a few songs off their EP ‘Act Naturally’, and they were good… but then they covered Under Pressure, and holy shit, it was amazing.

Anyway, the reason I’m not listening to modest mouse is because I’m listening to the Royal Teeth EP and after its over, I’ll be listening to Bowie and Mercury on repeat until I wake up.

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