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Updated State of the Union

My fellow Americans,  It has been nearly three years since I took office amid two wars, an economy rocked by a severe recession, a financial system on the verge of collapse, and a Government deeply in debt.  I took the helm of this great ship through the roughest of storms, and thus far, we have stayed afloat.  The passing has taken its toll on us, and the purpose of  today is an accounting of the stock and loss, America, we need to talk.  As the 44th President of the United States of America, I want to share with you how grateful I am that you have selected me to be your leader; and I would like to repay you for that by doing something that will most likely get me killed, I want to tell you the truth about your country.

In my short time as elected executive of this great nation, the secrets of this arcane system have been laid bare before me.  I have learned that this government exists primarily to protect the interest of the moneyed minority while encouraging the remainder of the population to work long and hard in order to support the lifestyles of those same individuals.  I have learned that for the most part, politics is a form of theater, intended to create the illusion that you, as the voting public, have some say in the way that your country is run.  You do not.  I have learned that there is no hope, that there will be no change, despite any efforts I make short of inciting a revolution, and for that I am deeply sorry.

For years, even in the worst of times, the illusion of an America filled with limitless opportunity, democratic government, benevolence and compassion for the less fortunate citizens of the world, sustained us, provided us with the moral sustenance to weather depressions and wars.  I don’t need to tell you that times are hard.  Gas prices are rising in excess of $4.00 a gallon, and will only increase further as the worlds supply of fossil fuels diminishes.  Gold prices have risen $2,000 an ounce, and the American Dollar is being phased out as the worlds dominant reserve currency, which means that in the near future, all but the richest among us will be suffering deprivation when it comes to the luxuries we’ve become accustomed to in our daily lives.

While unemployment is currently below 8%, the social services meant to provide for those less fortunate among us are being stripped and cut in order to help repay the massive debt we’ve accumulated while rewarding financial criminals for their malfeasance and propping up a system designed to rape the general population, on top of the money we borrowed from our ideological enemies in order to acquire the oil fields of Iraq, which, despite being an incredible imperial prize, actually provide no revenue to the United States, as they are now controlled by private enterprise.  In general, what seems to be happening to you, America, is you are making less money, working longer hours, maintaining fewer assets at less benefit, and, unfortunately, supporting a system that makes it impossible to maintain wealth.

Just to be clear, the term ‘tax burden’ we politicians tend to throw around, it refers to an estimated threshold – the amount of money we could potentially tax americans that they could sustain without collapsing.  Discovering that threshold is like laying supplies on the back of a mule, when its legs start to wobble, ease off, take some of that weight off and see if it can walk.  We don’t alleviate the burden out of benevolence, we only take some of the weight off when there’s a risk of the mule becoming unable to walk.

The object of the system as it operates is to make it impossible for an average citizen to stop working.  This is integral.  The life of the middle class, lower class, and in some cases upper class, must be filled with property taxes, estate taxes, capital gains taxes, income taxes, and fees, lots of fees, so that one must maintain a significant income in order to support the system, it’s how we keep our economy moving.  I know the anxieties that are out there right now. They’re not new. These struggles are the reason I ran for President. These struggles are what I’ve witnessed for years, in places like Elkhart, Indiana; Galesburg, Illinois. I hear about them in the letters that I read each night. The toughest to read are those written by children asking why they have to move from their home, asking when their mom or dad will be able to go back to work. We don’t want that.  That is a failure of our system.

We want you in a house, with just enough money to get medical treatment when you’re sick, and buy a new car so you can get to work.  When the system is working well, everyone has access to health care that will keep them from missing work, everyone has a reliable vehicle. Everyone saves a small percentage of their income and spends the rest immediately on consumer goods. Everyone is educated enough to fulfill the functions of the job market, but not so educated that they ask the question which government fears the most… “why”.

So we face big and difficult challenges. And what the American people hope, what they deserve, is for all of us, Democrats and Republicans, to work through our differences, to overcome the numbing weight of our politics. For while the people who sent us here have different backgrounds, different stories, different beliefs, the anxieties they face are the same.  The truth is, we expect that our political leaders are looking out for our best interest, that our elected officials are fighting for our values.  They are not, they are fighting to gain a foothold, or just a toehold in a system that has left them, and you, behind; not for your benefit, but for their own.  Political power is the one commodity that can elevate an individual from coach to first class, and even though the whole plane is going down, some of us like doing it in comfort.

Speaking on what some of us like, I feel like I need to say chill the fuck out America.  You are being distracted by issues like gay marriage, abortion rights, drug laws, assisted suicide, and other meaningless features of our twenty four hour news cycle. You have been pulled off the road by a corrupt agent of a corrupt government, my advice is, focus on the gun being pointed at your head, not the flashing lights.  Your opinion about other peoples happiness should be limited to ensuring that everyone has the right and the ability to pursue their own happiness.  If you’re unhappy actively working against the happiness of others will not make you happy, it will just make you an asshole.

Look America, things might still be able to turn around, really, but it’s going to require a little bit of effort on your part, because your government is too hopelessly corrupt to actually attempt this.   After one of the most difficult decades in our history, we maintain at least a shadow of our former great decency and great strength.  We may be lazy, and unreasonably self-entitled, but we do not give up, for the most part. We do not allow fear or division to break our spirit. In this new decade, it’s time the American people realize that their Government is not here to help them, that they are just cogs in a macine that will pave over their corpses the minute they are in the ground.

If you want change, it’s up to you, not me, to make it happen. Your most urgent task will be to undo the damage you have done so far.  This is an effort that can start locally, in the restoration of community.  Instead of trying desperately to win the lottery or patent a new shoe buckle, the real path to power and change comes from community politics.  Form neighborhood groups to discuss the problems you are having, and then have representatives from your neighborhood groups meet in groups, and representatives of those groups meet, so that you organically create a legitimate representative government that has the power to negotiate with the federal and state government on your behalf.    It only works if everyone participates, and be prepared to use the second amendment; you have the right to defend your rights, that’s what it’s there for.

Recycle. I don’t just mean put your empty orange juice bottles in the green box once a week, I mean really recycle.  The disposable and mass manufactured economy is not one that benefits the united states anymore, the larger the production, the more that means of production will be sent overseas, which is just like Americans dumping their money into the sewers, and I’m not talking about just the 50 pounds of toilet paper each american uses annually.  We have a consumer economy, which means that in order for this country to keep moving forward, keep making progress, you need to spend your income on things, goods and services.  But there’s no reason that you need to spend your money on disposable, single use shit; buy quality products that are locally manufactured; not mass produced plastic shit imported from china, india, korea, et cetera.  You do not need rolls of paper towels, for anything, ever; disposable plastic toothpicks, non-rechargable batteries, swiffers, really america? Swiffers? Use a fucking broom.  A well made broom will last you for your entire life and never needs to be re-filled, recharged, and rarely needs any repair, except the occasional pruning of stray straw.

Just to emphasize part of that.  Buy locally.  Support your local economy, shop at independent stores that sell products manufactured in your community, or at the very least, purchase goods that were made in the united states.  Eat at Restaurants that use local farms and food producers, buy your food from farmers markets and local vendors.  I know that you can save a few dollars by buying chinese made products and giant megastores, but that hurts the country and it hurts your community.

That’s the easy part.  The hard part is much harder.  You, america, are responsible for your elected officials.  You are responsible for their performance, for their actions, and for the legislation that they are involved in.  Being an American is not an annual activity, in order to have a government by the people and for the people, the people need to be involved.  You have to audit your elected officials, hold them accountable for bad decisions, uncover corruption, and bring them to justice.  Form angry mobs and kill them.  I’m not kidding, you are right now on the receiving end of the big american anal penetration.  You are being fucked in the ass by your government, regularly, vigorously, and without protection.

Government aspirants should be attracted to the positions to which they are elected not because of the anticipated benefit to themselves, but for the great benefit they have the capacity to provide for their fellow citizens.  This is not the case. You, as americans, must make fulfilling the role of elected official not only a difficult position to achieve, but one sought by only those individuals with ironclad ethical intent.  Government corruption is a cancer that spreads and chokes a country, it is responsible for your poverty, your financial uncertainty, your untreated medical conditions, the death of your children in war, the poisoning of your environment; these are not accidents of industry, natural side effects of the world in which we live… These things are the symptoms of a corrupt government, and it will not regulate or repair itself, ever.

America, I call on you to take up arms, to liberate yourself from your television sets and your internet pornography and your prescription anti-depressants and your fast food and your apathy, band together, do what needs to be done. Clean House! Your house, the white house, the house of representatives, your community, your city, your country.

From the day I took office, I’ve been told that addressing our larger challenges is too ambitious; such an effort would be too contentious. I’ve been told that our political system is too gridlocked and that we should just put things on hold for a while. For those who make these claims, I have one simple question: How long should we wait? How long should America put its future on hold?

Not another minute.  It’s up to you america.  I will most likely be dead or stripped of practical power by tomorrow. So I give you these parting words. Hold your elected officials accountable. Learn your laws. Understand all of the ways you are being strangled and raped by your country.  Reject the corporate right of the individual. Reject unfair tax laws. Reject the idea that you were born to work until you die. Slavery was abolished in this country one hundred and fifty years ago. Act like it, motherfuckers! Take responsibility for your life, for your community, for your environment, for your economy, for your government, and for the decisions you make in your own life. Every decision you let someone else make for you makes you a little poorer, a little weaker, and a little closer to death.

America, it’s time to take back your country.


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