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We slept in parking lots, in my mind.

Tonight is the last night in Louisiana.  We drove from Baton Rouge to New Orleans today, stopping at every exit and looking around for Rougarou and gator-cuttin’ coon-asses.  The Loup-Garou or rougarou as it’s known down here is a half-man half-wolf that may or may not be related to the native-american wendigo, bigfoot, and the lycanthrope of european mythology.

Unfortunately all we found were cheap drinks and blank stares.  On the upside, looking forward to seeing Damion (the moustache does all the work) on tonights True Blood (sans moustache).

I figured after a night of wandering around New Orleans I’d have a story to tell; but really, other than drinking, smoking, and hanging with the locals, I’ve decided that it’s better to just have enjoyed the night, and not ruin it with snark.

Visitors to New Orleans should give my love to The Three Legged Dog, the best fucking dive on the planet.  Also, if you’re into doing cool shit for me, you could buy me some better lenses. I’m arguing with amazon about prices at the moment.

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