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Okay, so I watched ‘Friends with Benefits’; and I feel like I must have missed some shit.

There was a lot of self-awareness about the movie, in the movie; which should have indicated that the movie would contain some elements that are not genre cliche’. For example, the couple, Kunis and Timberlake, in the movie, watch and comment on a romantic comedy, citing it for being unrealistic, filled with lame music, and being predictable; in this meta moment, were treated to some exceptionally trite dialogue from the fake movie within a movie, which is clearly intended to be comically bad.

Bold move guys- you take a shot like this if you’re about to blow minds with the originality of your script; instead, it seemed that having nothing worse to compare your movie to, you had to invent a worse film for comparison.

And no. There was no magic genre defying breakthrough. There was plenty of cheese and some terrible music (the movie revolves around the song ‘closing time’ with an assist by kris-kross’s ‘jump’), so unless the movie was actually operating on some super meta level I’ll ne’er fathom. I’m going to just dismiss this all as a failed convention and move on to the shit I really want explained.

Why, throughout the movie does Justin Timberlakes character disparage airline pilots and specifically captian Sully? There’s no payoff or punchline for this repeated setup.

The movie introduces false stakes at several points in the last 40 minutes, a conflicting job offer for the main character, the mentally ill father coming to visit for some reason apparently related to his illness, an ultimatum for Kunis’s characters job from her mysterious employer… No resolutions, no closure.

The grand gesture, the burden of the male protagonist in every romantic comedy, a recycling of a scene we saw in the beginning of the
Movie, and nowhere near as well.  No one should see this movie.

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