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Sustaining an inherently unstable mind through the liberal application of ego.

My frustration with humanity is increasing to the point where I feel tense all the time.  Nearly every fragment of every conversation heard in passing just irritates me. Meanwhile, everyone I actually hold a conversation with seems perfectly rational.

This dichotomy of experience, how one group of people (at large) can be so incredibly tiresome and frustrating, yet another group (encountered) randomly selected from the same sample group, can be perfectly pleasant and accessible, leads me to the following conclusions, one of which must be correct.

1. I misinterpret anything that isn’t said directly to me.

2. By the simple act of  encountering people, I make them more intelligent and rational.

3. My memory is completely unreliable and/or I am greatly overgeneralizing.

Seeing as how conclusions 1 & 3 would mean I am insane, then the correct answer must be 2, as speculating further operating on either ‘insane’ conclusions would be pointless.

So good news, just knowing me makes you smarter than everyone else. Congratulations!

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