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Radical Agnostic

I intentionally mis-hear people. If I know where a sentence is going, I’ll tune out midway through and invent a new ending.
It’s a game I play alone, and i’ve never really thought to bring it up to anyone else.

“I would have come out but my car was…”

Is about where I take over.  Since there’s only really a single beat to spare, it’s never a very clever invention, usually just a childish or absurd conclusion.
Words that seem to come up frequently in my head lately: Fish(ing), dancing, cuban, trample(d), indignant, (c)uniform, absolute, scruff(y,les), proved/proof, and delete(d); I’m not really sure  why these words seem to be in rotation.

Sometimes, if there’s a pause, I’ll interrupt and finish the sentence. I’m the only one ever amused by this, but I like to think that most of the time I’m performing for god, and god gets my sense of humor.  The remainder of the time I’m an atheist.

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