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So I’ve been consuming a lot of media lately, movies, tv shows, books, blogs, decks of cards, sneaking into other peoples dreams and watching them, staring into fires and trying to memorize them, that kind of stuff; but my output has dropped off. I haven’t written anything substantial in weeks, and I haven’t been taking pictures or drawing shapes in the sand or smearing peanut butter on palm trees.

I have been viciously cynical and completely antisocial. I’ve been distant from just about everyone I know, and I haven’t made an effort to come up with a good excuse.

There isn’t really anything wrong as far as I know, I’m just kind of turned off. Normally this is when I’d hop a plane back to New York for a week or so to realign myself, write some crap down, talk to people, but I can’t seem to block off the time or the loose change to make that happen.

Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak away for a week before my flight to Chicago, to get my head straightened out. I’d also like to trip on psychedelic drugs, but I guess I should stay in california for that.

Anyway; all that media I’ve been eating, it doesn’t feel like research anymore, it feels like, well, drugs. I mean, I kind of feel like an addict. I come home from work and immerse myself in the daily barrage of mediocre television shows and movies I couldn’t be bothered to see in the theater. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or shitty, as long as I haven’t seen them before. Except “Goon”, I watched it twice.

I think I need to detox from entertainment.


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