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Samba sushi

Some fucking sushi/Brazilian fusion place on wells street in Chicago’s rich people district. For lack of any other worthwhile activity, I’ll talk about the food.

I decided to get the house sushi assortment, mainly because it’s a new city to me and all I know about this place is they’re famous for street sausages and deep dish ‘pizza’. Well having eaten an ‘italian beef’ (or French dip; as the rest of the country knows it) and sampling one of Lou’s classic 1,000 calorie slices, I figured I’d leave it up to the city.

Well, the sushi was good, the music was loud, the hostesses were gorgeous, and as it got closer to
Midnight, the place started filling with poison gas. At first a few of the patrons started collapsing into their seats or falling over on the bar, but after a few minutes everyone was gagging, vomiting blood, or laughing uncontrollably.

A voice came over the sound system and announced that “america would pay” for some transgression or another, while more people died in painful spasms on the dance floor.

I thought the octopus was perfectly prepared, but my beer was room temperature.

One of the sushi chefs actually slit his own throat to avoid a more horrible death from gas inhalation. I ordered a couple pieces of tamago before settling up, and in general left with a positive impression of the whole incident.

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  1. Meaghan
    Posted March 13, 2013 at 12:08 am | #

    Giardenara. So Chicago-centric my spell check doesn’t even know about it

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