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Shadow of the Magic Fire, Book 1 of the Fallen Storm Cycle

Why does every contemporary sci-fi/fantasy book synopsis the same groan-inducing boilerplate bullshit? Either there’s just one dude out there writing shitty blurbs for everything, or they’re just randomly compiled by some algorithm weighted heavily to include the words “thrilling, apocalyptic, staggering, and undiscovered”… ocassionally ‘dreamscape’ or ‘wonderland’

Meanwhile whoever’s naming these books should be fired as well.
Apparently if you want to name your sci-fi/fantasy book just pick a few of the following words and separate them with OF and THE.

Shadow, City, Night, Blood, Magic, Power, Dragon, Dream, Fire, Time, Storm

Then Make them part of a ‘Cycle’, also named by combining one of the above words with one of the following words

Truth, Alchemist, Sleep(ing), Fallen, War

Let’s try it.

Today I’m reading “Shadow of the Dream Dragon” Book 2 in the Sleeping City Cycle.   The next book, Power of the Fire Night, sounds like a ‘thrilling apocalyptic adventure through an undiscovered  dreamscape’.

Fucking shoot me.


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  1. Jeff
    Posted April 16, 2013 at 5:34 pm | #

    I am pretty sure I’ve seen this affirmation somewhere else, it needs to be more popular with all the world. (The picture, not the text)

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