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Italian dessert.

The guy at E’ Tutto Qua, our new favorite restaurant, Andrea, is a magician.  Not a ‘pick a card’ kind of magician, but the kind of magician that does things that leave you wondering for days.

For his first trick, he remembered our names and faces from a brief encounter earlier in the week, steered us immediately towards the best table in the house, and delivered the best fucking meal we’ve had in San Francisco.

For his second trick, three days later, he once again steered us exactly towards that same table which he had cleared moments before we arrived as if expecting us, predicted our orders, changed them, and brought us better food than what we thought we wanted, and once again, served us his homemade panna cotta smothered in chocolate sauce.

Now it doesn’t really sound like that fantastic of a performance, but I’ll take a delicious meal over David Blane in a box every time.  Fuck you david blane.

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