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Just, in general, pissed.

Look, humans, it’s not you, exactly.  I’ll take the blame.  Lately everything you have been doing has just made me angry.   Stop making obvious comments, but also, stop drawing conclusions if you’re not really qualified to do so; or at the very least, just stop deciding to share every useless thought that comes into your head.

I know, it’s hard. I usually want to engage also.  I see a stupid comment and I want to attack that idiot; I want to critique the article, I want to assault the premise.  What the fuck ever the case may be, I usually do a pretty good job of restraining myself, or, at the very least, re-read what I have written just to make sure that it’s not moronic, before clicking done.

Listening to your conversations in public hasn’t helped either.  Tip, try to keep in mind that NO ONE CARES. Really, you’re not the only one who doesn’t care what other people say, they don’t give the slightest shit about how many times your mom called while you were on the phone with Taylor.  If they’re listening intently, they’re being polite.

If your story doesn’t have a point or a punchline, don’t tell it. Stop it!

Just stop.




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