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David Bowie – Hunky Dory

Rollins inspired me. I have a growing stack of albums that I am going to spend the year listening to, and writing a thousand words a day. I’m going in with no expectations and no plan other than to stick to it.  I’ve started my list by asking a few people to give me their top 5 desert island albums. Some I’ve heard, some I have, some I’ve never heard.  I’d wager that there are very few that I’ve really listened to, as in being present and focused throughout and letting it really affect me. I haven’t done that since high school.

I’ve always been the kind of person that’s needed music on all the time; quiet makes me restless. I don’t often sit in it.  I am now, I’m in it.  I’m not making a lot of rules for myself other than to try to listen to each album at the best quality I can find, loud enough that I can’t hear anything else, through the best equipment at my disposal.

I’m listening to this one as a FLAC file, through my Sony Receiver and my MTX speakers. It sounds good, but it would sound better with a subwoofer I think.  I’m using VOX as my player, and I’ve messed with the equalizer and the preamp enough so that it sounds the way I think it should.

This is my first night really doing it.  One of the recommendations I got was this album, which I’ve had for a while and I was kind of familiar with, but I’ve never just sat through beginning to end.  It’s a treat to start with Bowie, they won’t all be this good, I’m sure.

I considered taking notes with a typewriter, but I didn’t want to hear myself typing while the music was on. I’m already into “Fill your Heart” but I’m still dwelling on Life on Mars, I want to live in the feeling that song created for me.   It washed over me so hard and swept me up.

I’m more than halfway through the album and I already know I’m going to have to come back to it again because there’s so much here. I don’t really have the words yet to describe how it feels. A few of these songs already have associations for me, Queen Bitch reminds me of driving around the suburbs at night with my friends, aimlessly, drinking, maybe.  Maybe I should have a drink.

I’m doing this because, despite usually avoiding it, I made a resolution this year on new years. I was at a party and we were passing around a bottle, and everyone would make a resolution and take a swig, we went around twice. My first one was my usual flippant default answer of “drink more, do more drugs, have more sex” because I never feel like I’ve done that enough, I don’t count that one.  The second one though, I actually had to come up with right there and the moment.

Here’s the thing; I never feel like I’m recording. Like I’m just going through life, doing whatever i’m doing, and not paying attention.  This year I resolved to be more present.  It seemed like a good thing to say at the time, but I’m realizing with each passing day that I’m not good at it.  My head is always somewhere else, I don’t know where.

The Belway Brothers; I’ve never listened to this before.  I’m not sure if I should be focusing on the lyrics or the guitar, the bright rhythm guitar that feels like its circling around my head. I feel like if I close my eyes and open them again I’ll be looking at a foreign dreamscape that’s vaguely horrible but fascinating, like a Lewis Carroll scene.

I want to spend a day in David Bowie’s head, I guess that’s what I’m doing here, now.

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