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Blind Melon – Soup

It’s not on the list, but I came across it today and since it contains my favorite song of all time, I couldn’t resist listening to it all the way through.  I really want to find this on Vinyl, but I’ll have to do with this 320kbps ‘studi0 master mp3’ I don’t even know what that means  (the vinyl is around $400 for some fucking god awful reason).  It was considered a flop; it’s definitely a little psychadelic and feels way more ‘out there’ than their self-titled album; but it’s strong, really strong.  I think if Hoon had lived, and continued to lead the band, we would have seen a radiohead-like arc into experimental rock, and who knows where from there.

Mouthful of Cavities, my favorite song ever, I think proves that despite the lack of pop-appeal on the album, these fuckers can write. I haven’t listened to the newer stuff with the new guy, but I guess I should.  Apparently the single off this album was Galaxie, which was probably a brave choice, it’s about as far out there as it gets on this album.  Toss Across the Floor would have probably made a better choice, it’s intense and beautiful.

Car Seat is fucking crazy and amazing, I can’t believe I’ve never heard this before, this is the kind of song I would have kept on repeat on my discman for half an hour walking home from school.

It’s so fucking hot in here, I’m trying to stay awake.  Last night I fell asleep listening to patti smith, so I had to listen to the second half this morning while I was getting ready for work (read: making coffee and staring blankly).





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