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For sure I won’t get mad at you for having an opinion, or making a broad declaration, expressing your fear, rage, joy, or ambivalence regarding this recent election or any broader issue that you are passionate about. But I’m fucking sick of the constant stream of unsubstantiated ‘news’ articles, bullshit editorials, and the flood of conjecture and propaganda.

We’re all fully aware of the media biases for the major news outlets on either ‘side’ of the political divide, and we should already know to check the sources of any article that strikes us as interesting, important; we all need to sharpen our skepticism and send the message that we expect objective, verified, fact based reporting from our news outlets. We shouldn’t tolerate speculation and conjecture from our ‘journalists’, the foundations of the fourth estate are rotting.

We should be demanding the reinstatement of the fairness doctrine, we should be putting the major outlets on blast, we should stop getting suckered by outrageous headlines and at least do the most cursory, minimum research of actually reading the shit we’re sharing before we decide to spread the shit, and if you’re feeling ambitious, just a quick search to figure out if it’s actually true.

Yeah, I’ve been guilty of lazily reposting or sharing other posts without due diligence, and I’m sorry for that. I’d rather see your shitposts, pictures of your cat, mirror selfies, and memes before I see another “10 Reasons…”, another badly edited interview, another CNN ‘alert’ or FOX straw man, another fucking irate, self important emotional editorial with zero substance or information.

We need information like we need water, and right now all the taps are spewing Brawndo.

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