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The 5,280,000 Yard Stare

I’m stranded in the in between state, hours before my time zone shift.  There’s going to be a lot of extra daylight today, as the plane chases the sun around the world.

Roll the damned credits.

At the end of this trip, I have to say good bye to a few things that are going to be meaningless to just about everyone reading this.

Good bye to the Goof, for whom Perry does everything.
Good bye to the Kissyface, and all the sisters’ shirts that Chris hates.
Good bye to the 100-percenters who work hard like Kristen.
Good bye to the Ford Flex, I’ll miss you like a home.

Thanks to New Jersey for all the liquor, thanks to New York for all the food, and thanks to Pandora and internet dj’s everywhere for providing the soundtrack to my spring.  I don’t know if I was casting a reality show or living one:

FranKate & Skink
Chocolate Sauce

Once again, photo credit goes to Chocolate Sauce.

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