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I hate all this [whatever]tober shit.   Rocktober, Shocktober, everything is suddenly a fest; fucking if it ends in -ock, it’s got a fest. Google brought me these:

Blocktoberfest – Come out in the freezing rain to party with a bunch of bands no one has ever heard of!

Clocktoberfest – Every item in our store is on sale, Clocks, curios, watches, fobs, clock keys…

Spocktoberfest – More logical than Octoberfest, cellardwellers everywhere spend the month not having sex.

Crocktoberfest – Make slow cooking even easier! Crock Pots brings you its month long celebration of steamy bullshit.

Socktoberfest – There seem to be no specific rules to it other than to knit socks during the month, of course I’ll be involved.

Hocktoberfest – I guess its about watching hockey?

I actually like this www.locktober.com cryptic site.

Unfortunately, it looks like I’ve accidentally been supporting Blogtober by writing about this subject, so I’ll stop now.

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