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Absentee Control Freak.

It feels like the whole thing is sinking back into the earth, the house, the telephone poles, the office buildings and movie theaters.  I go through the motions, washing my dishes, pairing my socks, checking for new voicemails; but civilization is over, and has been for a while.

Two missed calls, one from an 800 number; so really just one.

“Hey man, how’s shit on the West coast?”

“It’s ended.  Things still going on back East?”

“Nah, everything just kind of came to a halt about 10 years ago, and we’re all just waiting to see what happens next.”

“Same thing out here. Everyone is just kind of looking out the window.”

“Shit yeah, man.  I did that for like four hours today…”

Theres a long silence, then he continues.

“I was thinking about coming out by you for a few weeks, getting away from the cold. You know?”

“Yeah, that might be okay.  I have to check…”

“Don’t you live alone?”

I look around the sky.

“Yeah, I mean, my schedule.”

“But you weren’t doing anything, you just said.”

“No, of course man, even if i’m not here you can crash, I’m just thinking about, you know, driving my car into the ocean.”

“Oh, shit, yeah… I get that.  Well, just give me a heads up. You know…”


“Alright man, good talking to you.”


No emails, just spam, bills.

The bathtub is half-full.

Theres some whiskey left on top of the fridge.

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