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7 Habits of semi-effective people, a guide to something like empowerment.

1. Believe in yourself:
Find no fault in yourself, this is the core principle.  If there are problems you’re having in your life, you must make the conscious decision to attribute them to flaws in the world around you.  When we internalize, we immobilize.  You must always find a scapegoat to bear the weight of disappointment, weakness, and failure; this will free you to move on and move beyond.

2. Change Your Mind and Change Your Life:
The only thing that is consistent in life is death; consistency is stagnation, it is a weakness that can be exploited by your enemies and taken advantage of by your friends.  You must remain ever in motion, and never in a predictable path.  Change your mind frequently and without cause, remembering that there are no wrong decisions, only missed opportunities to make decisions.

3. The future is better than the present, but the present is better than the past:

Never look back, people who study history aren’t looking towards the future.  Action is better than knowledge, because knowledge is forgotten and action is immutable. Predict your own future and then ignore anything that doesn’t conform to your prediction, all of these things are distractions.  Distraction is inaction.

4. Love is a drug, get high:

Sobriety is over-rated; the vices from which we abstain are more constrictive than the ones in which we indulge. Ignorance is bliss, but heroin is sublime. Indulge in every sensation, because you’re worth it. How can you ever know if you’re happy unless you have something to compare it to, and something to contrast it against; drugs do both, so does love!

5. Take advantage of every opportunity:

No matter how insignificant, counterproductive, or ill-advised; a missed opportunity is worse.  There is no return without an investment, so invest in everything.  You’ll regret every one night stand you passed up on, every job you didn’t quit, every dollar you didn’t spend.  The only way to attract money is by using other money as bait; hurl it out by the handful.

6. Action is reaction, start chain reactions:

You have no choice but to cause chain reactions, everything you do is echoed through time; but so is everything everyone else does.  The things you do have to have more of an impact than everyone else.  Never do anything less than you can, and always do more than you should.  The only things you ever have to lose is time, and you stand to gain everything that you don’t have.  Bigger is better, no matter what.

7. Return to the core principle, you are perfect.

You were created by god, who is perfect, therefore you are perfect. If someone else finds fault with you, they are mistaken. If you find fault in someone else, then they are mistaken.  You are a child of god, everything else is a test, and illusion, and inconsequential. You are the center of the universe, everything else is bullshit.

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