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The influence model of reality states that reality is the sum of the interactions of influence, in order to be real, to exist; and the only way to measure existence, is to measure the influence of an object.

A unit of influence, or Inu; is a fictional measurement that is used for recording relative degree of influence; there is no absolute basis for an Inu. Something with 0 Inu, or nil Inu, does not exist, as it generates no influence, and is therefore incapable of being measured.  However, since existence is conventionally considered a binary system, on and off, yes and no, 1 and 0, there is no reason for this system of measurement to exist; and itself, would likely have a nil Inu; save for the lone fact that I have now posted this incredibly vague definition.

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  1. Posted February 25, 2011 at 12:45 am | #

    1. Blog goes viral.
    2. Inu affects millions! News at eleven
    3. Irony! …or maybe that’s not irony since hipsters affected the fuck out of that definition.

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