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Showdown in Los Angeles Mall, 3 injured, 2 dead, 1 back from dead.

The security gates were just opening for the day throughout the Beverly Center mall on what would have otherwise been a typical saturday morning.  Employees making their final adjustments to window displays, straightening shelves, refolding an occasional shirt; security guards on their Segways zipping around unlocking doors, and Anders77, the reanimated man, had just escaped his containment unit and was drifting aimlessly up a flight of stairs from the parking garage.

Anders77, actually John Anders: born 1942, deceased 1977, reanimated 2011, is  only 8 days old; that is to say, his brain is effectively 8 days old.  For the last 33 years, Mr. Anders has been preserved in a glass tube filled with pressurized xenon gas, at a temperature just on the verge of freezing.  11 years ago, Anders77 was relocated from a Laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor, NY; to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland, where Dr. Yuniko Noagomi had ‘restarted’ the Lamech Project.  The entire project was moved to the Ackerson Lab at CalTech in 2009.

Lamech, named for the biblical father of Noah, is a mechanobiological program that aims to discover the electrochemical ‘spark of life’ and has had some success, over the past three decades, instigating chemical reactions that, to a limited degree, mimic the cellular processes of life. Lamech, although terribly underfunded and frequently shuttered and reopened, has been a magnet for the brightest minds in medical science. Secrets unlocked in Lamech have been harbinger to massive breakthroughs in organ transplants, overcoming tissue rejection, stem cell research, brain mapping, and most recently, life extension.  Lamech was always, seemingly, on the verge of either a massive breakthrough, or termination, until 8 days ago.

Anders77 is the first, and, to date, only successful complete reanimation since Mary Shelly’s mad doctor channeled lightning into the patchwork monster  that has become the unfortunate model for all our fantasies of this particular line of experimentation. Like the fantastical monster of sci-fi fame, Anders77 is described as having “a limited functional intellect, and only the most basic awareness of himself” according to Dr. Noagomi.

Regardless of the scientific parallel of Anders77 to the Frankenstein monster, the reality of the situation is just as horrifying.  In the last 8 days of Anders77 new life, he’s been shuffled back and forth between eleven different research facilities in Southern California; hospitals, universities, private and corporate labs, and on one occasion, the home of a movie producer who has been a stalwart financial supporter of the Lamech project.  At the time of this writing, he had been missing for 18 hours.

“We’re not exactly sure how his transport ended up abandoned in the parking garage of the Beverly Center, but DARPA and the NSA have become involved in the investigation, and as a result, [the core research group] have been locked out of the chain of information”, stated a project lead, who’s identity is being withheld for security purposes. “We’re also not sure why [Anders77] displayed such unfortunate violence, all of our observation had recorded his affect as docile and in most ways, lethargic”.

The ‘Rampage’ as it’s being called, began this morning, according to security footage, at 10:07AM, when, seemingly unprovoked, Anders77 began violently thrashing a mall security guard. A number of good samaritans attempted to subdue Anders77, resulting in further violence. Carlos Garcia, an off-duty sherrif’s department deputy who was in the mall purchasing a birthday present for Sabine, his 13 year old adopted daughter, when he intervened in the struggle.

“It was horrible, [Anders77] had [the security guard] on the ground, smashing his head repeatedly into the floor. There were like six people trying to pull him off, there was blood everywhere, and it was hard to tell who had been injured.”  Deputy Garcia’s training took over and he brandished his badge and gun, shouting for the bystanders to step back.  “I didn’t know who if [the security guard] was alive or dead, but [Anders77] kept on.”.  Garcia, tried to subdue Anders77, but when he turned on Garcia, there was no other recourse.   Garcia, fearing for his life, fired three shots at close range, which stopped, for the second time in his life, Anders77’s heart.

“It’s incredibly unfortunate that the subject couldn’t be subdued, and lethal force had to be applied.  We’re not blaming [Deputy Garcia] or the sheriff’s department for the setback in our research, but we are anxious for [Anders77’s remains] to be returned to our facility for study”, Stated Dr. Noagomi this afternoon during a press conference. The Lamech Project and their subsidiary research groups are now under investigation by various Federal organizations, and today’s press conference was most likely, the last public record of the groups research until the investigations have been completed. There are, as of now, no plans to attempt to reanimate Anders77 a second time.


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