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Survival Kit, Entry A: The basics

KIT A: The basics > This survival kit includes some basic gear, that while it may not fit every situation, is a good baseline.
1. Fixed blade knife – A fixed blade knife seems like a no brainer for me, in my opinion the most versatile and useful tool ever invented.  A fixed blade knife will help cut the brown spots off apples, pry open stubborn shellfish, hang up your jacket when you get too hot, and murder starving hipsters.

My choice is the SOG SE38. Sturdy with a partial serration to help cut through members only jackets and large bricks of silly putty.


2. Rope. Another obvious choice, Fifty Feet of strong, lightweight rope has a ton of vital uses; besides playing jump rope, you could wrap it around your body like a mummy and scare other survivors, you could dangle it to amuse cats, or you could hang it between two trees and play an enormous game of cats cradle.    I’m leaning towards the standard 550lb paracord.  It’s dirt cheap, really strong, and lightweight. http://www.campingsurvival.com/blpa50fe.html

3. Multi-tool – Tools are important, with a good multitool you could install LEDs on your t-shirt, take all the screws out of a remote control car, or remove the protective coating from a bear.  I’m leaning towards the Leatherman Wave; it’s got two blades, a saw, 3 different grit files, and a few urban tools like screwdrivers and shit.  It’s small, light weight, durable.

4. As much as I love the Wicked Laser Torch flashlight, probably because it can melt cell phones, it only has a 5 minute battery life, so it’s not the best choice… I don’t know why I decided a flashlight belongs in this slot, but while I was looking for a replacement for the Torch, I came across  the surefire outdoorsman which boasts an incredible 48 hour battery life at the low, but functional 3 lumen setting.  Making it the perfect nightlight while hiding in caves from communists, or at higher intensities, great for shadow puppetry. Unfortunately, I feel like a flashlight is the weak link in my kit, but I’ll leave it up as a place holder for now.  I’m not sure if I’d be better off with a shovel or a crowbar.

5. Cast Iron Skillet, it’s heavy, but it makes sense.  In most extended survival situations, water becomes a serious concern after only a day or so. After a disaster, all water sources should be considered contaminated.  Boiling water is the best way to protect yourself from parasites, viruses, and bacteria.  So why not a dutch oven, or some other pot?  Well, a solid, 10″ cast iron skillet is easier to carry, and in a pinch is a pretty handy hipster basher.

This is a pretty labor intensive kit; it requires a lot of work and know how to actually become useful; however, it’s highly durable, versatile and portable.   In retrospect, the flashlight is definitely the weak link, and I’m open to suggestions for a replacement item.

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